Ireland, Part I

After Tim and I spent a week in Paris, we hopped a plane over to Dublin, Ireland.

We arrived in Dublin, boarded a bus and headed to the apartment we rented from Airbnb, quickly realizing that being a passenger on a bus that's traveling on the left side of the narrow roads was harrowing. We arrived at our apartment and met our apartment host, Daragh. He was such a wonderful host and city guide and gave us travel guides and personal recommendations of places to walk, visit and find the best pint of Guinness.

After unpacking, we walked a couple blocks for a bite to eat and our first Irish pint. And why not drink it at the oldest pub in Ireland called the Brazenhead? We saddled up to the bar, ordered some brown bread and butter, a couple Guinness beers and chatted with the patrons. A few minutes later, the local band started up and for the rest of the evening, we enjoyed traditional Irish music and great company. They even dedicated a song to us newlyweds!
The next morning we brunched at a tiny place recommended by Daragh called Bibi's Cafe. Cozy, delicious food served in Irish earthenware.

 Homemade scones with butter.
 Feta and spinach quiche.

In the afternoon we walked through the Trinity College campus and did some shopping. The next morning, we hopped on a train to Galway. Originally we had wanted to rent a car and tool around the country, but when we couldn't even figure out which way to look when crossing the street (because they drive on the opposite side of the street that we here do) we decided a train would be best. A few hours later, we arrived in Galway City. We walked the city, visiting shops, a pottery market and a cheesemonger. 

 We had dinner at Martine's, a small bistro in the main pedestrian district. The oysters were delectable.

Ireland, Part II to come and includes a trip to the Aran Islands and restaurant recommendation for the best 'new Irish' cuisine in Ireland...


  1. The cheesemonger looks like a great stop!

  2. Wow! Those foods above are really mouth watering. I live to eat than doing any thing else. And Your food/dishes are absolutely outstanding.