Colorado, Part 4: Boulder

And so the saga of Colorado continues...

After driving up and over the mountains and back to life at 5,000 feet, we checked into our hotel and I readied for the nutrition myths presentation at the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference.
For dinner on Friday night, the conference staff had an absolutely delicious meal on the agenda and it was held at Whole Foods in Boulder.
From bok choy rolls to polenta-seitan cakes, cucumber-wrapped salad, whole wheat pizza, strawberry gazpacho and lemon blueberry tarts, I was in (free) foodie heaven.
But the strawberry gazpacho was a clear winner. I need to recreate this stat. And then serve in these shooter glasses.
We were clearly happy with the culinary selection.
Saturday brought with it a trip to the farmers' market. So many beautiful local foods sold by hard-working, groovy farmers. Since my suitcase weighed in at 49.99 lb at Logan Airport, I knew I couldn't buy farmers' market goodies to take home. (P.S. I still managed to pack an "oversize" bag on the way back. Fifty-one lbs is close enough, right? Not so much, says the airline attendant.) In case you're wondering, I am not above packing jars of honey, bags of sugar snap peas, and pounds of dried beans in a suitcase. Although I learned a hard lesson about this last time I traveled and brought farmers' market goodies home in a suitcase. I learned honey doesn't travel well. LAST time I packed a jar of honey in my suitcase, I had honey stuck in my t-shirts and undies for weeks. Gives new meaning to sweet-a$$.

So instead of taking food from the market, I took photos, which weigh a whole lot less and are a whole lot less messy.
That afternoon, Tim and I visited the Celestial Seasonings Factory. I was thrilled to try some new flavors. When I said this, Tim looked at me, frowning, wondering what I meant. He thought Celestial Seasonings made candles.

That would be an interesting taste testing after the tour, really.

It was an interesting and informative tour, and at the end we had the opportunity to taste some teas. I personally adore the Sugar Cookie tea, but also have a new love for the Coconut Chai tea. With a little vanilla soymilk, you have a tea that tastes unmistakably like Thai iced tea without the cream and sugar. I also learned that if you are interested in a tea flavor that your local supermarket doesn't carry, you can call the headquarters and they will take your order. They make all flavors all year round, so you can purchase your favorite holiday flavors (hint: Sugar Cookie tea) year round!
After the touristy escapades ended on Saturday, Lindsey, Corinne and I debunked nutrition myths left (wam!) and right (bam!) during our presentation at the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference on Sunday morning.
The SuperGirls
All in all, a wonderful Boulder experience. Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit the Pearl Street Mall, but if you mosey on over to Kara's blog, you'll wish you could eat there soon! I certainly do.

After an exhausting morning prepping and presenting, Tim and I were back on the road. Next stop: Fort Collins.

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