Boston's First Local Food Festival

On Saturday, Boston hosted its first ever local food fest. Rife with the likes of farmers, producers, restauranteurs, and many hungry folks, the festival was certainly a success, judging from sold-out vendors and the throngs of locavores.

...and on such a beautiful day in Boston!
Major crowds.
Food trucks in all of their glory. This particular one was a vegetable truck. How awesome.
Apparently this guy didn't get the memo about the VEGETABLE truck.
Local grainage.
Autumn in New England.
The Boston Local Food Festival was certainly a success and a great place to get the word out about all of the great organizations and farmers out there! Hopefully this was a taste of what's to come at the Boston Public Market!

Question of the Day: What did you eat or buy this weekend that was local? I bought some oats (grown in Maine), picked up my CSA share, and gleaned some apples (free!) from a tree on our town common. More to come on this little adventure...


  1. This was such a great festival... and you're right, it was a gorgeous day! I sampled some local foods at the festival... like Nella Pasta and some cheeses. I love that so many people showed up!

  2. It was such a perfect day for the festival! So glad I found you there! I can't believe you are gleaning! lucky!! My eats have been very local this weekend! Lots of veggies from stillman's (so sad that is ending...) and still doing work on those apples we got last week. and of course all of my nibbles at the festival!