Today = Tacky + Tacos

Overnight oats was on the agenda this morning. Basically you put your scoop of oats in a bowl, add milk or water, cover, and set in the refrigerator overnight. This morning, the oats were soft and mushy. Nuke them for 90 seconds and you've got a belly full of breakfast.

I've been struggling with a good, quick way to cook oats. Half of the time I cook them in the microwave, they boil over and leave me with a big mess. I'm usually running late in the morning and don't always have time to stovetop cook them. The overnight oat method is a great way to get that creamy oatiness without all the mess.

Last night, the Grape girl and I went to Noir in Cambridge for a blogger meetup. Let me tell you, Noir makes a mean batch of sangria! We met some fabulous bloggers, including Run Foodie Run and the ladies from We Are Not Martha. Thanks Tina for organizing this!

So today is the office holiday party. As one of the party organizers (no, my name is not Phyllis), we decided to have a tacky sweater-themed party! And a Make Your Own taco bar. AND...

A chocolate and peanut butter fondue with fresh fruit! I'm so excited for this retro holiday party and will be sure to take photos. :-)

Happy Friday!

Question of the Day: What's your best/worst office holiday party story?


  1. i adore overnight oats!!!! i am an awful microwave-er and they as so soft and perfect with the overnight method!!
    again, so bummed i missed noir-i shoulda just gone. 7 days and I'll be done done done!!!
    build-your-own taco bar is genius!!!

  2. Well--the Grape Girl :) says you need bigger bowls! I can't tell you how many times times this has happened! My solution was buying ginormous bowls...BUT yours is more practical...:) And, kinda brilliant if you ask me!

    Best Holiday party is one with lots of gingerbread and cinnamon goodies to get me in the holiday spirit!

  3. Looks like everyone is having fun!

    Bee Happy!