A Visit To Ireland

Delightfully Mixing Old and New

When we arrived in Dublin we stayed in this swanky futuristic hotel called the Marker. We found a Hotels.com coupon that made it affordable enough for us to book one night there.

We were greeted by a wonderful host, Ng. She was a finely dressed Asian woman with a thick Irish accent. It was unexpected …

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California Wine-ing

Top Image Courtesy of: iStock.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: yawn! Another story about the Napa Valley wineries. Oh, were they picturesque maybe? Did the wine taste better surrounded by such beauty?

No, we didn’t go to Napa Valley. We went to Malibu.

Wine-ing in Malibu:

How did we have a wine experience in Malibu, you ask? Did we …

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Ireland, Part II

Best Fish and Chips Ever!

After Dublin, we set out to the very south-west tip of Ireland, a little tiny fishing village called Dingle.

I’d never heard of it before, but a few friends who had done some travelling in the past recommended it. We stumbled upon a livingsocial coupon for a fish and chips pub in Dingle, so we …

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